District Secretary & Treasurer Training

Goal / idea

  • To ensure that the officers know what is expected of them in their function as secretary/ treasurer in their district or nation.
  • To develop district/ nation officers’ competencies to run in a qualitative way the leadership within the districts and the nation. (know how to run the districts and specifically the office of secretary/ treasurer)

Key learnings

  • Getting to know colleague- scretaries/ treasurers from the other districts/ nations
  • Understanding duties, roles, responsibilities,… of the secretary/ treasurer towards the clubs, the district, KIE, KI,…
  • Getting familiar with administration and data entry in case of secretaries OR balance and bookkeeping duties in case of treasurers
  • Sharing practices of the office of secreary/ treasurer

Target audience


District/ Nation secretaries 2021-22

District/ Nation treasurers 2021-22

  • English

No interpreting is foreseen, so participants who don’t master English adequately are requested to foresee a Kiwanian friend who can translate simultaneous for them at their own home place while participating in the webinar.


Being in office as district/ nation secretary or treasurer.

  • 19h00: start of the webinar
  • 21h00: end of the webinar

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19:00 - 21:00
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