DEVKAP – Kiwanis Europe

Goal / idea

Helping find interested people in a city where Kiwanis is not (yet) present to form clubs

Key learnings

  • Analyzing the environment of a new country or area
  • Approaching potential members
  • Engaging with potential members

Target audience

Members with reference to Portugal


Seminar & site visit

Date & time

16–18 October 2020


Porto, Portugal


English, Portuguese

Program outlook

Friday: 19:00 Information session, dinner

Saturday: Work on the sales booth, dinner

Sunday: Departure


Interest and motivation

Flight/Transport: Arrival and return journey must be organized by yourself

Expenses: A maximum of EURO 400.00 per participant will be reimbursed after the event. Proof of expenditure must be submitted.

2 overnight stays, lunch and dinner is paid by Kiwanis International – Europe

Number of participants: Min. 8

Expected Actions following the training

Min. 2 Club foundations in Portugal

Registration deadline

1 July 2020