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Goal / idea

Wondering what a Kiwanis Meeup Event is? Join us on this webinar to learn about this new way of attracting new members and creating new clubs! We believe that being a Kiwanian is not a matter of pure logic decision that can be transferred by words only. Rather it is a matter of heart and emotion. What you get as a Kiwanian is a whole collection of experiences and people you get to meet via Kiwanis. This is the core essence we want to bring to people outside Kiwanis through Meetups.

Kiwanis MeetUps are events where participants can experience the spirit and the work of Kiwanis while at the same time contributing to a social project and expanding their network.
Kiwanis MeetUps require some important organization, but the work behind them is worth it in the end because they have proven to be very effective. We will present what KiwanisMeetUps are, how to organize them, and we will give an example of Romania, that organized 2 MeetUps and was able to create 2 new clubs in the country.

From now on, if you want to organize a Kiwanis MeetUp you can also ask for grants to our European Office in order to facilitate the organization for you. Let’s learn together how to do this!

Key learnings

  • To learn about the essence of Meetups and ideas to create a Meetup Event
  • To get you acquainted with the Kiwanis Meetup Events Manual
  • To learn about the different phases of organizing Meetups: things to do before, during, and after a Meetup Event.
  • Learn about the target audience with special focus on Young Professionals
  • Learn what Romania did and the successful outcome of their Meetups
  • Learn how to get grants to organize a MeetUp

Target audience


Open for all Kiwanians and KI staff with an interest in membership growth

  • English

No interpreting is foreseen, so participants who don’t master English adequately and would like to follow the session are requested to enroll on the MeetUp webinars offered in French, Italian and German.


This webinar is open for every Kiwanian who wants to take initiative to increase the membership, and who wants to commit herself/himself to recruit new members for existing / new clubs.

  • 19h00 (CET Brussels time): start of the webinar
  • 20h30 (CET Brussels time): end of the webinar

You can enrol using the button below and you will receive an e-mail with more information including a Zoom link for this webinar.

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