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Zoom for facilitators & trainers


Everybody is getting quite used to Zoom, MS Teams, and other applications to have online meetings.


There is a kind of “fatigue” coming about meeting online, it’s very important to make your online meetings, webinars, online training sessions and district/division/committee meetings interactive!


In this webinar we take a look to the bells and whistles from Zoom to “play” a bit more with it.

We use some interesting apps and online tools to showcast how you can make the meeting you facilitate more interactive and how you can do group work during an online training session.

Key learnings


-Who’s here?

-What’s your experience with Zoom?

Zoom settings

-in your online profile

-in your app

Scheduling a zoom

Basic Zoom functions

-Sound (just the special things)

-Video (just the special things)

-Security (just the special things)

Participants (just the special things)


Screen sharing


-Reactions of attendees

Advanced Zoom functions

-Breakout rooms

-Live transcriptions

-Working with interpreters

Tools to use in/during Zoom training sessions

-Intro’s prior to your session






Target audience

-People that facilitate / lead online Zoom meetings

-People that organise online Zoom meetings

-Trainers that deliver online sessions


People who understand already the basics from Zoom, and who use a Zoom license (Pro or Business) for hosting online meetings (can be a personal license, or a license of the club that is pooling around)



21/01/21 (English)

No interpreting is foreseen, so participants who don’t master English adequately are requested to foresee a Kiwanian friend who can translate simultaneous for them at their own home place while participating in the meeting.

Also in our planning:

28/01/21 (special version for KI-staff)

04/02/21 (Deutsch)

17/02/21 (Nederlands)

This training is for licensed users of Zoom (Pro or Business). This can be your personal license, or a license you use from your club, division, district,… for your online meetings and trainings.

You need to have installed the most recent update of the Zoom Client

You will need a laptop or desktop for attending the training ànd your mobile phone for using some Apps. 

More info

Event Type






19:00 - 20:30



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