DEVKAP – Kiwanis Europe

Topic: Evaluation

Talking about rejuvenation

Title of the tool TALKING ABOUT REJUVENATION Short description Do we need an acceptance committee and complicated admission procedures for new members? Explore new possibilities that will make our organization a trend-setting one, so that we can attract… Read More

District Planning

Title of the tool DISTRICT PLANNING Short description This booklet is designed to assist Kiwanis district leaders in strategic planning and implementation. It covers essential topics such as setting goals, club strenghtening, training & education planning, public relations… Read More

Leadership guide 2024

Title of the tool LEADERSHIP GUIDE 2024 Short description The leadership guide 2022 of Kiwanis International for club leaders. Language of the tool Aim(s) With this guide, all club leaders can learn how to run a club and… Read More

Understanding why members leave

Title of the tool UNDERSTANDING WHY MEMBERS LEAVE Short description Ask the resigning member if he or she is willing to take a confidential exit survey. The purpose of the survey is to determine whether there are problems… Read More

Engage existing members

Title of the tool Engage existing members Short description The key to keeping members engaged is making them feel valued and appreciated. Clarify expectations from members. Assess your club experience by asking feedback from your members. Language of… Read More

Aktion clubs: the basics

Title of the tool AKTION CLUBS: THE BASICS Short description Frequently Asked Questions and answers about Kiwanis Aktion Clubs. Language of the tool Aim(s) To provide information about the Aktion Clubs to sponsor clubs, coaches, club presidents.  … Read More

Debriefing of educational (training) activities

Title of the tool DEBRIEFING OF EDUCATIONAL (TRAINING) ACTIVITIES Short description Many educational activities, such as training sessions, take place in which valuable exercises are run, but they lack debriefing. In a non-formal education context, an experiential volunteer-based… Read More

I want to become a trainer

Title of the tool COMPETENCE MODEL FOR TRAINERS AT INTERNATIONAL LEVEL Short description It’s not by following a Train the Trainer course that you are automatically suddenly a competent international trainer.  You don’t make yourself a trainer, it’s… Read More