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Meet your prospective members

Title of the tool MEET YOUR PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS Short description “Make it easy for each person to join any Kiwanis club .” That is written as one of the main priorities in the strategic plan of Kiwanis International…. Read More

District Secretary Toolkit

Title of the tool DISTRICT SECRETARY TOOLKIT Short description The materials provided in this toolkit are dedicated to distirct/ nation secretaries to ensure that they know what is expected from them in their function as secretary of their… Read More

Kiwanis Formal Way

Title of the tool KIWANIS FORMAL WAY Short description Robert’s Rules of Order, which is also widely known as parliamentary procedure, was developed to ensure that meetings are fair, efficient, democratic and orderly. Language of the tool English… Read More

Understanding why members leave

Title of the tool UNDERSTANDING WHY MEMBERS LEAVE Short description Ask the resigning member if he or she is willing to take a confidential exit survey. The purpose of the survey is to determine whether there are problems… Read More

Online voting solutions

Title of the tool ONLINE VOTING SOLUTIONS Short description Online voting systems are software platforms used to securly conduct votes and elections.  Online voting is more convenient and it’s also more private. It costs less to implement and… Read More

Single purpose clubs – Literacy clubs

Title of the tool SINGLE PURPOSE CLUBS – LITERACY CLUBS Short description A literacy club is a Kiwanis club that focuses on raising the literacy levels of children. There are many ways to accomplish that purpose. Some of… Read More

Single purpose clubs – LGBTQ+ clubs

Title of the tool SINGLE PURPOSE CLUBS – LGBTQ+ CLUBS Short description An LGBTQ+ focused club is a Kiwanis club that focuses on raising awareness and providing support to youth who identify as LGBTQ+ who are facing homelessness,… Read More

Single purpose clubs – Area virtual club

Title of the tool SINGLE PURPOSE CLUBS – AREA VIRTUAL CLUBS Short description An area virtual club is a Kiwanis Club that is available for all persons interested in Kiwanis who are unable or unwilling to join a… Read More


Title of the tool ENGAGE EXISTING MEMBERS Short description The key to keeping members engaged is making them feel valued and appreciated. Clarify expectations from members. Assess your club experience by asking feedback from your members. Language of… Read More

Debriefing of educational (training) activities

Title of the tool DEBRIEFING OF EDUCATIONAL (TRAINING) ACTIVITIES Short description Many educational activities, such as training sessions, take place in which valuable exercises are run, but they lack debriefing.  In a non-formal education context, an experiential volunteer-based learning… Read More