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Tool Type: Booklet

Two For Two

Title of the tool TWO FOR TWO Short description For the best Kiwanis clubs, membership growth is not a one-time campaign or event. It’s a continuous club operation. And every member should play a part. But how do… Read More

MeetUp Manual Nederlands

Title #KIWANIS Meetup Manual NEDERLANDS   Short description Een #Kiwanis MeetUp is een methode / een project om nieuwe clubs te openen en nieuwe aspirant-leden aan te trekken voor Kiwanis. Deze handleiding helpt je om een MeetUp-project succesvol… Read More

MeetUp Manual German

Titel Handbuch #KIWANIS Meetup Deutsch Kurzbeschreibung Ein #Kiwanis MeetUp ist eine Methode / ein Projekt zur Eröffnung eines neuen Clubs und zur Gewinnung neuer potenzieller Mitglieder für Kiwanis. Dieses Handbuch wird Ihnen helfen, ein MeetUp-Projekt erfolgreich zu organisieren…. Read More


Title of the tool KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL DUES Short description This recording contains the session about the proposal to increase the member dues, held at the European convention in Amsterdam, May 2023. Even if the general assembly voted down… Read More


Title of the tool DISTRICT TREASURER TRAINING Short description This training takes place in order to ensure that the officers know what is expected of them in their function as treasurer in their district or nation. Language of… Read More

MeetUp Manual French

Titre #KIWANIS Meetup Manuel 2023 Courte description Le #Kiwanis MeetUp est un concept, une méthodologie qui a pour but d’attirer de nouveaux membres et/ou créer de nouveaux clubs Kiwanis. Ce manuel vous aidera à organiser un projet MeetUp… Read More

MeetUp Manual Italian

Titolo Manuale #KIWANIS Meetup Italiano Breve descrizione Un #Kiwanis MeetUp è un metodo / un progetto per aprire nuovi club e attirare nuovi membri in Kiwanis. Questo manuale vi aiuterà a organizzare un MeetUp con successo.   Lingua… Read More

District Planning

Title of the tool DISTRICT PLANNING Short description This booklet is designed to assist Kiwanis district leaders in strategic planning and implementation. It covers essential topics such as setting goals, club strenghtening, training & education planning, public relations… Read More

MeetUp Manual English

Title #KIWANIS Meetup Manual english Short description A #Kiwanis MeetUp is a method / a project of new club opening and attracting new perspective members to Kiwanis, this manual will help you organise a MeetUp project successfully Language… Read More

Single purpose clubs – Literacy clubs

Title of the tool SINGLE PURPOSE CLUBS – LITERACY CLUBS Short description A literacy club is a Kiwanis club that focuses on raising the literacy levels of children. There are many ways to accomplish that purpose. Some of… Read More